Frequently Asked Questions
Q) Once I place my order, how long does it take?

A) Average delivery time is about 90 days, depending upon the complexity of the order. Planning ahead is the smart thing to do.

Q) Does my cemetery require certain types of memorials?

A) The vast majority of cemeteries have very specific rules for the size, shape, and even sometimes the color of their memorials. We have experience working with every cemetery in the Delaware Valley, just call us with your questions. We are familiar with all of the requirements.

Q) Can I have anything I want carved on my memorial?

A) Absolutely, because Memorials by Design will make it just the way you want. Whether it is a simple, traditional design or something simply outrageous, we will personalize your memorial with custom carvings, etchings and emblems. It will be just the way you want.

Q) I’ve noticed that some memorials look much better than others, why is that?

A) All monuments, markers, and mausoleums start out as some sort of blank stock. But, it is the quality of the materials used and the talent of the craftsman doing the job that makes the difference. Some monuments are good, ours are GREAT. The proof is in our finished products.

Q) How do I get to see my choices and place my order?

A) For your convenience, “we come to you”. In the comfort & privacy of your home, alongside your family, you will see the largest selection of designs, shapes, and colors. We bring hundreds of ideas and over 20 years of experience to you. Why drive all over the place?

Q) My funeral home and my cemetery sell monuments. Why should I choose Memorials by Design instead of them or some other company?

A) Something as important as your monument should not be entrusted to someone who does it part-time such as your cemetery or funeral home. Cemeteries specialize in selling land (that’s why they have real estate licenses), and funeral homes specialize in preparing the procession and burial. Memorials by Design specializes in creating the perfect tribute to a life lived.

When you choose Memorials by Design you can rest assured you’ll get exactly what you want, on time, and at a price you can afford. In addition, our “forever guarantee” will give you complete peace of mind. Make your selection with total confidence.

Just call us for a convenient appointment.
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“Memorials by Design makes memories last forever”

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